Fund-raising Dinner Friday June 6th – D-Day Anniversary.




Forty two people sat down on Friday June 6th to a four course meal in our Church Hall.  A Church Hall that has many facets – it can be a Sunday School, a Church fete venue when the weather is bad, a Conference Centre, a Town Council meeting room, a children’s crèche,  a Pensioners’ meeting place, a place for church worship, or, in this case, a dining-room.  Guests were asked to wear evening dress if they desired and many did , sporting bow ties and sparkling jewellery (the ladies that is!)


It was evident from the buzz that could be heard from the kitchen that everyone was enjoying the evening and interacting with each other, only stopping to listen to Trevor’s reading of some original war-time correspondence of his late father-in-law and to complete the quiz.


The guests were most generous in their response to the raffle and together with the proceeds of the meal, a wonderful £565 was raised which is to be shared between MU funds and the Church building fund.