Mathern Fellowship Group (Jan – April)


To Know God, and to Make Him Known.

“The Messiah”

Many of you will be familiar with Handel’s famous oratorio Messiah. You may also be aware that the whole libretto – the text which has been set to music – is based on passages of scripture. For the next three months, Mathern Fellowship Group (MFG) will be taking a look at some of the key texts from Messiah. This will include passages from the Old Testament which foretell Christ’s birth, life, death, resurrection and purpose, and New Testament verses describing the fulfilment of these prophecies.

Reading the Bible is a terrific way to know and understand God, and the more we understand God, the more we come to know what He requires of us.

As we consider and contemplate the word of God, His Holy Spirit works within us, helping us to change for the better. In the ”Hallelujah Chorus” from Handel’s Messiah, the singers rejoice in repeating the words “King of Kings, Lord of Lords.” We trust that this Bible study, will help us to rejoice over God’s amazing plan for our salvation, prophesied so long ago and accomplish through Jesus, our Messiah. I’m sure it will also deepen our appreciation of Handel’s masterpiece!

We start the series on January 11th with a preliminary session: ‘Back to Basics.’ This will be a light hearted review of the key scriptural truths of the Christian faith, to refresh our understanding and our ability to explain our faith to others.

Do join us on Thursdays, 7.15 pm at Applecross Cottage, Mathern, starting on January 11th. New members are welcome. For more information please contact John and Kathy Whatmore on 01291 630207.