Weekly Notices: 22nd – 29th April

Sunday 22nd: 3rd Sunday after Easter

(Green Book page 134: Reading Sheet for Shirenewton)
Holy Eucharist: Mathern, 9.00 am
Morning Prayer: Shirenewton, 10.00 am
Holy Eucharist: Mounton, 10.15 am
Holy Eucharist (with Holy Baptism): St. Pierre, 11.30 am
No evening service in Mathern – Vicar at Moravian Church, Brockweir
Bellringing: Mathern 17:00 – World War 1 Memorial quarter peal for Christopher Albert Edward Prickett

Monday 23rd

Burial of Cremated Remains: Chepstow, 9.30 am

Tuesday 24th

Funeral Meeting: Vicarage, 10.00 am

Wednesday 25th

‘Open Church’ Healing Time: Mathern, 7.00 – 8.00 pm
Wedding Rehearsal: St. Pierre, 7.00 pm

Thursday 26th

Visiting Ringers (Peal): Mathern, 2.00 – 5.00pm
Organised by Heather Pickford, in memory of her Great Uncle Samuel Percy Closs (son of John Maynard Closs who rang in the first two peals on these bells)
Wedding Rehearsal: Mathern, 5.30 pm
MFG: Luke Study (2) – Child of Hope: St. Pierre Church, 7.30 pm
Bell Ringing: Mathern, 7.30 – 9.00 pm

Friday 27th

Golf Day at St. Pierre for Shirenewton Church
Holy Matrimony: St. Pierre, 12.00 noon
Bell Ringing: Shirenewton, 7.30 – 9.00 pm

Saturday 28th

Holy Matrimony: Mathern, 1.00 pm
SPRING CONCERT: Mathern Church, 7.00 pm
with Mathern Ladies’ Choir and Rosemary Davies

Sunday 29th: 4th Sunday after Easter

(Green Book: page 137)
Holy Baptism: Shirenewton, 11.00 am


Wednesday 2nd May: Holy Communion, Mathern, 10.00 am
Wedding Rehearsal: Mathern, 7.00 pm
Thursday 3rd May: Mounton PCC, Vicarage, 10.30 am