Rick Hayes – message to all

Rick has sent the following for all to see:


R & the 4 Cs

R is Rick and I am afraid I go through the ‘C’s without much hesitation.
C is Chaplain; wherever I am, I am first and foremost chaplain to everyone, whoever they are.
C is the Cross of Christ, which is something I need to re-address.
C is Christianity which is a great part of my faith.
C is that wonderful word ‘Cancer’ and believe me ‘cancer’ is not a woolly birth sign.

Rick: I need to assess what I am to do and reset all my goal clocks, because I need to re-address what is needed from me. When I faced cancer, I asked the doctors why? I was surprised that I had spent at least one part of the week cycling 34 miles and walking each day 14000 steps. My expectation may not be someone else’s. When I asked the doctors why, they said if I wasn’t so fit they may not have been able to trace the illness.

Cancer said ‘hello’ and shortly after this an expansion of my brain allowed cancer to flow out into other parts of my body. Cancer is also in my left lung; this shook me, as I gave up smoking over 9 years ago and smoked a vape instead. I then thought how I felt over the past few months of smoking vapes. And guess what vapes have? Don’t let the retailer fool you, you can still get ill using a vape. I was silly really, feeling that I had chosen the right path and fooled Mr Cancer.

Whilst I was in hospital I asked Tracey to throw out my long standing vape shelf and guess what? With the liquids and all, there is nearly £200 worth of items. Some friends said we could try to sell it on-line and I have said no, let’s just get rid of it. Destroy it, so no one else’s life is affected. Because, believe it or not, I have been in hospital for just over a week-and-a-half and three people have been allowed in ill because of vaping – they never ever had a real cigarette in their lives.

Cancer and I may be on first name terms, but I would like to see it as a friend I knew once and treated with respect. Not someone who knew everything about me.

The other 3 Cs are my faith. They are what God has made me, and nothing can ever take that away from me. I am what God wants me to be, doing what He wants me to do, when He/She wants me to do it. It is what I am, so no apologies for that. I pray that Mr. Cancer stops treating me like we know each other better than my creator knows me.

Everyone has been kind enough to send me get well messages via my private email address, letters or text. Thank you so much. The writing does mean a lot to me but I had to ask Tracey, my wife, to read it to me so I can understand what has been written. I am quite simple at present; please just write what needs to be said – three lines and that way I may be able to understand.

I now have to take time out for Rick, to follow instructions of the doctors, which will include all the drugs they are about to put me on. Morphine is great; it’s amazing what you can invent with a few milligrams of that.

Take care all and may you all keep well.