05 May 2009

From the Evangelist’s Desk

‘Be still in the presence of the Lord and wait patiently for Him to act’. Ps 37:7

This month I am going to share with you all the wonderful experience that I have been blessed with over Lent and I am actually continuing with the experience as something that is ongoing.

It all started back in February when I met with my Vocations Advisor. She suggested that I look at taking part in the Week of Guided Prayer that was being offered for people within the Diocese.

Me being me was happy to try anything once. Chalk it up to experience I thought. See what it?s about.

My Vocations Advisor was more astute than I gave her credit for, because she matched me with a Prayer Guide who I clicked with within a very short space of time, and this kind person has agreed to continue as my Prayer Guide even though the actual event has finished.

So now for the shock!  Do you know what I have given up for Lent and will continue to give up throughout my Christian life?  Some of you might, because I have presented a sermon about it. But for those who have not had the misfortune to listen to one of my sermons, I thought why should you miss out, so now you are going to have the misfortune to read it instead.

Now back to, ?what I have given up, not just for Lent?.
?    Reading the entire Bible within a year as I have done for the past five years. (Yes I have read the Bible from cover to cover five times).
?    Additional Christian reading just to try and booster my theology.
?    Intersession for Intersession sake.

What have I taken onboard during Lent and hopefully the rest of my Christian life?
?    Reading the Bible in small chunks as directed by my Prayer Guide.
?    Praying that God will speak to me through the words that I have read.
?    Ps 37.7 every time that I am going to read the Bible in this way.
?    Give 30 minutes a day back to God.
?    Reading Christian books to explore my faith further.
?    Undertake intersession with faith and conviction.
?    That I am not as mature in my faith as I thought I was.
?    Knowing with hand on heart that I am going to introduce people to the LIVING WORD of God.
?    I have learned to be even more open than I was. (Yes can you image that? I thought I was one of the most open people I had ever met).
?    I have learned to thank God for all the daily experiences and activities that he places before me each day. And to share these with Him at the end of the day.

If any of you see an invitation again to take part in a week of Guided Prayer, I hope that you will remember this article and take up the invitation. The week and proceeding weeks has changed me in so many ways I have lost count.

Making Jesus part of my everyday life, seeking His advice before I act is something that never occurred to me before.

Actually spending time with Father, Son and Holy Ghost and listening to what the Universal and Never Ending has to say to me through Scripture is something that I will cherish forever.

A word of warning! What you hear after the Scripture reading may not be what you are expecting to hear. It may also not be what you were hoping to hear. And it may not be what you want to hear. 

Many things have sprung into my mind that I do not feel could have been generated by either my conscious or subconscious states.  Like some of the answers given within the Old Testament I know that I will not always get a straight answer, these I call my ?I AM WHAT I AM? type moments.

When I take stock and look back retracing my path. It feel that I may have moved miles backwards, but I am now on a good path, a path where I am spending quality time with Someone that I can trust, count on and confide in, and that Person is God and God is leading me to where He wants me, not to where I think He wants me.

See slightly different from my sermon, and hopefully you will feel that I am building on the sermon and what I shared with you then. I?m sort of building God’s Kingdom. May His Kingdom come and may He continue to give us the tools needed to build His Kingdom here on earth.

Take care all and may God Bless you and draw you to an ever-closer relationship with Him.

© Rick Hayes, May 2009