Sunday Youth Group

Sunday Youth Group meets at the Resource Centre Hall Trevethin on Sundays between 4pm and 6pm.

It’s a place for youngsters (aged 10 upwards) to enjoy each others company, play games and learn about our Christian Faith during God-spot. We also have a tuck-shop (most expensive items currently priced at 50p), meaning there is no need to leave the hall during the afternoon. During the colder months we serve hot-chocolate too.
Just a flavour of what we have to offer;



Table Tennis



A BRAND NEW PS3! Many thanks to a kind donation.

On the First Sunday of each month, we join the Church for the Family Eucharist and go for an activity after the service. For more information contact Rhian by emailing RhianJones12 (at) (remove spaces and replace (at) with @).