Occasional Offices

Baptisms, weddings and funerals are to be organised with the clergy.

In the case of Baptisms it is best to contact the clergy – depending on which church you require, well in advance of the date you have in mind.

We offer the early afternoon – usually following the Eucharist – 12.45pm approximately.

We also pleased to have Baptisms in the Eucharist from time to time.

For Baptism it is necessary to invite people to be Godparents – who themselves are Christened and preferably Confirmed. a conversation with the clergy will clarify the situation.

Weddings are generally organised well in advance and it is vital to negotiate the dates and times with the Rector. There are legal formalities attached to marriage so it is strongly advised that no arrangements are made – and certainly no deposits paid for receptions etc, until the details are confirmed with the Rector.


Funerals are an important part of the life of the church and in our Christian Faith we do find it in our hearts to celebrate the lives of our loved ones through the funeral service.

We are always pleased to conduct funeral services and through them minister to the bereaved.