St Cadoc’s Trevethin



St Cadoc’s Church is currently undergoing a large-scale renovation project. During this time the Worshipping Community will be meeting in the Parish Hall opposite at 11.00 am as usual.

St Cadoc’s Church is found near the shops at Trevethin, opposite the Yew Tree Italian Restaurant. For the history of the church building and a virtual tour click here.


Here is the news-sheet for the week commencing 7.05.17 Easter 3 YA


We are a very friendly, welcoming and inclusive church. Every Sunday we meet to celebrate and share the Eucharist (service of Holy Communion) at 11:00 am. The “style” of the worship varies slightly from week to week as follows;


1st Sunday of the Month – Family Eucharist with Blessed Bread, Theatrical Lights, and the musical aspects of the worship supported by the Music Group. After church the young people are invited to join us for our “First Sunday of the Month Activity.”


2nd Sunday of the Month – Solemn Eucharist according to the 1984 Rite with incense.

3rd (and 4th of 5) Sunday of the Month – Eucharist according to the 2004 Rite

Last Sunday of the Month – Eucharist with prayer for healing and anointing with the Oil of the Sick.

Here’s the pew-sheet for the week commencing; 7.05.17 Easter 3 YA

In addition to Sunday Worship church members get together to share fellowship at other times including our monthly Coffee Mornings. For the boys and young men in the area we have the 4th Gwent Boys Brigade which meets on Friday nights during term time at the Resource Centre Hall opposite the church.


The building is also used as a venue for concerts by Trevethin Festivals Charity,  local schools and other groups including the Rotary Clubs of Pontypool and Henllys. In order to facilitate our continuing ability to serve the community in hosting events such as this as well as being a place of Christian worship we are currently preparing for a large-scale regeneration project.

TFC ConcertContributions for the Eastern Valley Food Bank can be left in a box at the back of the church.


St Cadocs is surrounded by the largest Churchyard in the Monmouth Diocese. Keeping on top of its maintenance is something of a Herculean task which is undertaken by volunteers from the Friends of the Churchyard, recently assisted by members of the Pontypool Branch of the Veterans Association in their efforts to restore the grave of Rorke’s Drift veteran Private Samuel Jobbins.


Private jobbins


On the South Side of the Church is the Regimental or Memorial Chapel. This lists the names of people from the parish that have perished in the conflicts of the 20th Century and is the focus for our service on Remembrance Sunday. A video link (when it works) shows the wreath-laying ceremony to the congregation in the Nave.


On other, more joyful occasions it is the place that the Happy Couple sign the Registers during wedding services, and where Wormshead brass perform to bring some special flavour to our Annual Carol Service.