St Cadoc’s Bellringers

St Cadoc’s Church has a ring of 8 bells. They were cast in Croydon in 1884/1885 as an exhibition ring. They were later bought by a Mr Pegler of Pontypool and presented to St Cadoc’s Church.


The bells are hung for full-circle ringing (for more information on this click here) and are rung prior to the 11.00 am Eucharist on Sundays, before and after weddings and also to mark other special occasions by arrangement. Some learners are currently in training, usually on Thursday late afternoons and we are always keen to welcome an extra pair of hands to help us call the faithful to worship – all we ask in return for your free tuition is that you ring on Sundays.

For more information contact the Tower Training Officer Nick Jones (

One word of warning, ringing is an enthralling hobby which leads to fun, fellowship with people all over the world, gentle mental and physical exercise and, most importantly a chance to remind the public that the church is alive and worshipping in this place – It can be highly addictive ;-)!

To date, 20 full peals have been rung on the bells – when us ringers talk about “peals” we mean a particular performance, containing over 5000 “changes” or strokes of each bell each one of which has to accurately struck in the correct order – this usually takes roughly 3 hours to complete. For a ringer completing their first peal is seen as something of a “Rite of Passage,” though don’t be put off, they are by no means a compulsory part of ringing. More common are “quarter peals” which as the name suggests, contain over 1250 changes and take about 45 minutes to complete.

One particular ringer named Walter G Chance completed his first peal at St Cadoc’s Trevethin on 4th October 1913. This is recorded on a peal board in the tower. This peal is made note-worthy by Walter being killed in the Great War, on 12th April 1918. The peal board reads “Walter Chance has since made the ultimate sacrifice, being killed in the Great European War.”