Who was St Cadoc?

St Cadoc.

By tradition the church in Trevethin was founded by St Cadoc, to whom it was rededicated in. ……, but who was St Cadoc?

His life dates are given as 498-570, but most of the knowledge we have about him comes from an account of his life written by Lifras in 1100.

Tradition has it that he was the son of St Gwynllyw, better known in these parts as St Woolos, Patron Saint of Newport Cathedral and St Gwladys. He was baptised by St Tathan at Caerwent and founded his first monastery at Llancarfan. From there he travelled, spreading the gospel around South Wales, and beyond, as far afield as Brittany, Ireland, Scotland and there are stories of him making a pilgrimage to Rome. He returned to his monastery at Llancarfan where he continued as Abbot as long as he was able, before spending his last years at Beneventum, the location of this is not now known. After his death (possibly martyrdom by the Saxons) his body was transferred to Llancarfan.

A number of church buildings in South Wales (our nearest Anglican neighbours being at Caerleon, Raglan and Llangattock) as well as elsewhere are dedicated to St Cadoc, reflecting the influence that he and his followers and disciples have had on the faith in this area, as well as in other places.


Cadoc’s Feast Day is celebrated annually on 24th January.

(Information from West Vale Catholics website to whom thanks is extended).