We have various teams which are responsible for different church activities

General: You normally join a team or teams for a year, starting in January. Sometimes people like to stay in the same team others like to change each year. There is no pressure either way or even to belong to a team. We want you to enjoy being part of St Mary’s whatever you decide will be respected. 

Gardening Team

This team looks after the church grounds by cutting the grass and weeding. We usually work in pairs and people write on the rota which week they can cover. We have a good grass cutter and various tools. You do not have to be an expert and any help you can give will be very appreciated. If you would like to join the team contact Brian Stockton tel 624594

Sacristan Team

Members of this team prepare the church for worship on Sunday morning by putting out the Communion vessels, lighting the candles etc.  It is not complicated and when it is your turn someone will help you to do it until you feel confident enough to do it on your own. It usually works out at a turn every six weeks. Please contact Dennis Parry 665400 for more details.

Pastoral Team

Team members visit those who are unable to get to church or who are unwell. We usually visit in pairs. These are just friendly informal visits.

We meet occasionally just to make sure we have not missed anyone or to add new people to the list. Our team also meets with the Cathedral visitors and Llanddew visitors under the leadership of the Minor Canon, Revd. David Jones.

The contact people for this team are:

Mrs Ann Lewis tel.623760

Mrs Margaret Sommers tel. 623804

Social Team

Team members arrange social events for the parish e.g. Quiz Nights, Curry Evenings etc  Ann Lewis 623760 is the one to contact if you would like to help in this area.

 Publicity Team

Occassionally we need to make posters etc so team members help with this. Margaret Sommers 623804 leads this team. She is also mainly resposible for the St Mary’s section of our area magazine ‘ The Beacon ‘ and is also glad to have contributions for this. Please contact her if you can help in any way