Acorns is a group for children of primary school age. From tiny acorns do mighty oaks grow. The group meets on a Thursday during school term time, and the children enjoy themselves in a very relaxed atmosphere. Our motto is “The more, the merrier” which means that any child is welcome to join in the fun.

Bible Study
The Bible Study group meets on a Monday afternoon in St Mary’s Church under the direction of the Reverend Susan Sarapuk. The group are currently studying the Gospel according to St John. You do not need any formal qualifications to join in, and we warmly welcome newcomers to the group.

The Choir meets each Thursday evening for practice. If you have always fancied yourself as a bit of a Pavarotti or Kiri Te Kanawa, why not exercise those vocal chords and join us.

Mothers’ Union
The Mothers’ Union was founded by Mary Sumner to be a society for ladies who wished to promote family life, and the well-being of families. Today, the Mothers’ Union is so modern it even allows men to join! The Mothers’ Union here in Clydach meets every two weeks on a Tuesday afternoon. We are open to new members, and are a very welcoming bunch. Feel free to drop in and see us.

Mens’ Society
The Mens’ Society in Clydach meets once a month on a Tuesday evening. It’s our chance to get away from the missus for an hour, (but that’s our little secret!), so don’t let on. Any men wishing to join us will get a warm welcome