The Sacrament of Baptism is an occasion of great joy for Christ’s Church.  It is a ‘Dominical’ Sacrament – a Sacrament ordered by Jesus himself.  Through this Sacrament, the Church claims an individual for Jesus, and we unite him/her to Christ.  Therefore, it is not to be undertaken lightly.  Through this Sacrament, we become the ‘Children of God’ – in other words, we become Christians.

Each baptismal candidate, whether they are a child or an adult will need godparents or sponsors, usually three in number.  Godparents should be chosen because they know what the Christian Faith teaches.  They must also be baptized or ‘christened’ themselves.  Godparents have a privileged position, so choose wisely.  If the candidate is a male: he will need two male godfathers and one female.  If the candidate is female: she will need two female godparents and one male.  There is no limit on the number of  godparents a candidate may have.

In the Parish of Llangiwg, Baptisms take place during the Sunday morning service at 10.30am when the family of the Church is gathered to welcome a new member into their midst.  If you wish to book a Baptism, ring the Vicar, and speak to him.