The Parish of Loughor

Service Recordings

This page contains recordings of services, to keep you in touch, especially if you are keeping away from people who might have caught Covid-19.  You should be able to listen on your computer, tablet or phone to the .mp3 recordings. [There are Sunday service recordings on St Catherine’s Church website – follow this link and go down the page to Sunday Services: ]

WEDNESDAY READINGS, with reflection and prayer (click on the triangle to the left of the black box):

Wednesday 8 July: from Liz Williams, our Reader

Wednesday 1 July:

Thanks to those (yes, there was more than one!) who e-mailed to say they used these recordings.  It would still be good to hear from anyone else – see the next paragraph for details.

Wednesday 24 June:

We have now been offering weekly recordings for 3 months, but unfortunately have no idea how much they are used! If you can send an e-mail, telling us what you do and don’t like, whether you would like more (perhaps links to other people doing recordings?), and indeed whether we should go on making recordings when we resume meeting in church, let me know: e-mail
or ring (01792) 736159. Thanks!

Wednesday 17 June: from Liz Williams, our Reader

Wednesday 10 June:

Wednesday 3 June:

and recordings of our last Sunday in both churches:

St David’s Loughor:

Sunday eucharist, Lent 3, 15 March


St Michael’s Loughor

Morning Praise (Jonah the Groaner) 15 March:

There are older recordings, now removed from this site, but available from the Rev Andrew Knight. Recordings can also be made available on CD, or in .mp3 format for phones, tablets and other .mp3 players – get in touch via the contacts page on this site.

About the church


Loughor (now part of the Parish of Casllwchwr and Gorseinon) has two Church buildings:

St Michael's Church, Loughor from road looking west.

St Michael’s Church, Loughor from road looking west.

St Michael’s Church stands overlooking the estuary, near the castle ruins and the road and rail bridges linking Swansea to Llanelli.  A traditional building, it is surrounded by a Churchyard.  (The full address is Station Road, Loughor, Swansea SA4 6TR).
Services in St Michael’s include Sundays at 11.15am, and Thursdays at 10.30 followed by coffee.

St David's Church, Loughor

St David’s Church, Loughor

St David’s Church is a modern, brick-built dual purpose Church and Hall.  Its grounds, opposite the petrol station on Glebe Road, include a car park.  (The full address is St David’s Church, 109 Glebe Rd, Swansea SA4 6SR). Services at St David’s include Sundays at 10am, and Wednesdays at 10.30am, followed by coffee on both days!

You are welcome to join us at either Church, and will be welcome!  Details of special events and groups are found in the Newsletter, and the calendar on the Ministry Area website.

The Parish is part of Llwchwr Ministry Area, (click for its website), the Deanery of Greater Gower, and the Diocese of Swansea and Brecon.