The Parish of Swansea St Barnabas

The Parish of Swansea St Barnabas lies along the western edge of the inner City of Swansea on steep slopes running south from the western edge of the Townhill Ridge. Streets of houses were built across former farm land in the east of the Parish between 1870 and 1890 with larger properties along Sketty Road. After 1890 detached and semi detached housing filled in the western part of the Parish. In the second half of the twentieth century proximity to the University of Swansea resulted in an influx of university academic and other staff and a growth of student rented accommodation. After 1990 the social character of the Parish underwent significant change as both the University of Swansea and Swansea Metropolitan University underwent major student expansion. Many houses in the eastern and northern streets became houses of multiple occupation (HMO’s) as they were converted into student apartments only occupied during the University terms. The western parts of the Parish remain mainly as family residences with some larger properties converted into apartments and residential homes mostly occupied by older people.”