St Cattwg’s

Port Eynon Church

St Cattwg was a Welsh saint born c497AD and the present church dates from the mid-19th century. It was restored at the expense of Christopher (Kit) Rice Mansel Talbot of Penrice, the owners of the land, though its foundation may go back to the 6th century.  An unusual feature of the church is the absence of both an east or west window.

Due to the rocky strata beneath Port Eynon churchyard and because of the volume of existing graves, it has been agreed that the churchyard at St Cattwg, Port Eynon be closed to all future burials in new graves.  However, there is provision for the reopening of existing family graves and the burial of cremated remains in the Garden of Rest or in existing family graves.



Service Times


Opening Times

The church is open daily from Easter to September.

For detailed information on the church see either the leaflet available in the church by Madeleine Gill, or ‘A Stroll Through The Village Of Port Eynon’ by Moya Jones and Dawn Watton. Monuments within the church are dedicated to various locals, those who died in the 1914-18 and 1939-45 wars and those who died in the lifeboat disaster. There are also two interesting old plaques; one dedicated to Daniel Button of Overton, died, 1800 and placed on the wall by Thomas Mansel Talbot of Penrice and the other bears the initials RM, probably Rice Mansel, and an ancestor of the Talbot family. Against the east end wall are banners for the Port Eynon Mothers Union 1908, one for the church and a flag of the RNLI.

In the churchyard stands the memorial to the lifeboat disaster of 1916.Of those who died only the bodies of William Eynon and George Harry were recovered and they are buried in the churchyard. That of Billy Gibbs, the coxswain, was never recovered.
St Cattwg’s church now has a toilet suitable for the disabled and a facility to serve tea and coffee. The new facilities were made possible through generous grants from various organisations and villagers. The village has its own website

Public Transport

Port Eynon is served by a bus service running approximately every hour.


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