St Garmon St Harmon

St Harmon

A Victorian building set within ancient Celtic circular Llan churchyard. This church has been re-ordered in recent years to provide many modern facilities.

Service Times

First Sunday
18.00,Evening Prayer alternating between traditional and contemporary
Second Sunday
11.00,Family Worship, alternating between Communion and non-communion
10.00 am Sunday School that joins us for our 11.00 am service.
Third Sunday
18.00,Holy Communion, alternating between 1984 and 2004 service.
Fourth Sunday
11.00,Morning Prayer, alternating between
traditonal and contemporary
Fifth Sunday
10.00,2004 Communion service alternating with the other churches in the Parish

Other Services

Christmas eve at 7.30 pm and Easter Day at 11.00 am are always celebrated

Opening Times

The church is closed for the winter months but is open to the public between April and September in daylight hours. refreshments are served on a Wednesday

Theis church is set within an early celtic Llan showing its foundation to be at the very beginnings of Christianity in this Island. Tradition has it that the church was founded by either St Germanus of Auxerre or St Garmon of Bardsey. Later during medieval times the church was the centre of a large local monastic ‘clas’. Later it was served by the Rev. Kilvert of Diary fame and today is a vibrant church with many annual events.

Public Transport

There is a bus service in the week from Rhayader and Llanidloes but no service on Sunday


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