St Jude

Information on the old St Jude building.

St Jude’s Church began with services held at the house of Mr Wharing Curran in Fairfield Terrace in 1886. In1889 a galvanised iron church obtained from St Gabriel’s was erected and opened on October 29th of that year. It was later enlarged and re-opened in February 1896,

In July 1901 there was a move in respect of having a permanent building and a church hall was commenced in 1904. In 1905 it was reported that the cost would be £6,500 to £7,000. It was opened for service in 1906 and during the building of it, the services were held in nearby Terrace Road School.

The stone church was dedicated and opened on the 8th of June 1915 (The foundation stone having been laid on the 29th of September 1913). It consisted of a chancel, nave, south aisle, north aisle, choir and clergy vestries and an ambulatory across the east end connecting the vestries and forming a convenient passage to the staircase leading to the church hall.

The style adopted by the architect was late 13th Century with traceried windows, some of them being very beautiful examples of that period.

The holy table, sanctuary chair, pulpit and the carvings of the choir stalls, all of oak were from the studio of William Clark of Llandaff, and all executed from the design of Colonel Bruce Vaughan, the architect. The contractors were Lloyd Bros. Swansea. Both the hall and the church were built of Pennant stone which in those days was quarried and dressed in the locality.  The cost of the church and hall was £12,500 and the church seated 550, with the hall and classrooms accommodating 550.

Details of the dedication services in June 1915 were :


Tuesday June 8th @ 3 pm                     Right Rev The Bishop of St David’s

Tuesday June 8th @ 7.30 pm                   Very Rev. The Dean of St David’s

Wednesday June 9th @ 7.30 pm          Rev Watkin Edwards,  Vicar of Pontypridd

Thursday June 10th @ 7.30 pm                Rev. W.T. Watson,  Vicar of Walwyn’s Castle

Friday June 11th @ 7.30 pm               Rev E.D. Henry,  Vicar of Llandyssul

Sunday June 13th @ 11 am  and 6.30 pm      Rev H.S. Williams, Vicar of Oystermouth

Monday June 14th @ 7.30 pm       Rev D.G. Littlejohn,  Curate of  Llandaff

The church owed a great deal to the late Glasbrook family and Mrs George Lennard for their wonderful contributions and gifts, but also to all the industrious members of those years in which the hall and church were built for their great work and sacrifice.

The first marriage took place in the old iron church on April 6th 1896:

David H Charles m  Martha J. Wilson (Parents of the late Mr Hadyn Charles) and Great-Grandparents of Sarah Ayres.

The first marriage in the stone church was on June 25th 1915:

Thomas S Clark m Elizabeth A. Howell.

Some Landmarks in the life of our Church :

1918     The gift of a beautiful lectern by Mrs G. Lennard and new oak porches by Mr and Mrs Behenna and Mr W.W. Llewellyn

March 1920   The wonderful Victory window was given by Mr G. Lennard and the Memorial Chapel and Roll of Honour

November 1930   The lovely Reredos, organ screen etc. were left in the will of the late Mr G. Lennard

January 1933   The picture, reredos and panelling in the memorial chapel were given by Mrs Curran in memory of her husband Mr O.J. Curran

October 1936   Jubilee Services 1886 – 1936

1939   Presentations to Mr J.P. Morgan (Superintendent) and Mr Fred Williams (Secretary) for 50 years service to Sunday School and Church. Also to Mr .A. Smith for long service.

1940   Silver Jubilee Celebration for 25 years since the opening of the stone church.

1949   Dedication of west window in memory of Canon Watkin Davies, our first Vicar, also a War Memorial Window 1939 – 1945 and one in memory of Miss Cissie Callard, an old member.

June 1965   Celebrations for 50 years since opening of the stone Church.

A 75th anniversary of the church was held in 1990.

…and in 2015

As numbers declined, the fabric of the building could no longer be maintained by the church community and it fell into disrepair. A courageous decision was taken by the PCC and the building closed in February 2015. The parish merged with Swansea St Nicholas on the Hill.