Our Vicar

Our Priest-in-Charge is the Reverend Michelle Bailey. She was inducted as such in November 2018. She is also the Bishop’s Officer for Rural Events so splits her time between the two roles.

Her contact details are:

2 The Gardens
Email: rurallife_swanseabrecon@yahoo.com
Phone: 01874 409140

As Michelle is only part-time in the benefice email is the better way to contact her.

Michelle was licensed as Priest-in-Charge of the benefice of Dan yr Epynt and Associate Priest in the Ministry Area of Epynt a’r Wysg.

St David’s Church in Trallong was full for the service, and the address was given by Archbishop John.

The readings were from Ecclesiastes, Psalm 1 and John 20: 10-18.

Praising Rev Michelle’s work in her role as Bishop’s Officer for Rural Life, which she will retain, Archbishop John said: “Michelle has courage, enthusiasm and vision. That’s something which the Church itself needs.

“Courage to face change, courage to proclaim the Gospel and courage to journey onwards. Enthusiasm for the ways of the Lord Jesus and his teachings, enthusiasm to be able to say to people actually following the ways of Jesus, not paying lip service but following them, day by day by word and deed, trying one’s best to be a faithful disciple, is absolutely essential.

“And then vision – to see or imagine, to hope or pray for, what can be achieved if there is that courage and that enthusiasm.”