Marriage Preparation

Details of the marriage preparation courses we offer as part of our ministry to couples approaching their weddings in our churches.

Our Diocesan Bishop +John Davies has made it a Diocesan policy that couples should be properly prepared prior to their wedding – he takes participation in that
preparation a sign of the couples commitment to both their upcoming nuptials
and to the Christian faith in which they have chosen to be married. Bishop John has indicated that he feels that churches and congregations have a duty to
support couples in their marriage and that one of the most effective ways of
doing this is by making sure that they clearly understand the implications of
the enormous step they are taking. Because so many couples choose to co-habit
prior to their wedding our Benefice has chosen to use the course ’21st Century
Marriage’ which is specifically targeted at these couples. This is run over
four 75 minute sessions with individual couples and the clergy. It uses a
combination of DVD presentations and workbooks to help couples explore their
relationship and better prepare them for the future. We have found it
particularly useful because it is easy to access, not overly ‘preachy’ and has
had positive feedback from the couples we have run it with. More details of
this course can be found via: