Second Sunday Together Worship

From Sunday 11th May we begin our new ‘2nd Sunday Together’ worship slot.
On that day there will be just one service for everyone hosted by the churches in rotation (influenced by occassions etc) but equally shared as far as possible and at the time of the service that that church usually has. The first service is at Ilston at 9.30 am and for those who worry about parking may I suggest leaving your car at St Mary’s Pennard carpark and care-sharing to aleviate this problem.
‘But its not at my usual time’. Please consider the bigger picture of worshipping together not as individual churches looking after your own ‘patch’ but as ‘Three Cliffs Parish’ for that is what we are.
‘But it’s not my church’…but it is….all 4 churches in the Parish are your churches….your giving goes to support the ministry of myself as Vicar to all four churches not just the one you usually worship in.
‘But what about my envelope?’ Do give your envelope in as usual and your treasurer will get it, however if you want to leave an offering to support the work and fabric of the church you are in that day then you may.
Looking forward to welcoming you on the second Sunday of the month whichever church we’re at!