Annual Report and Vestry Meeting

Each year we are required to produce and annual report which you all receive on the previous year’s activities and finances. But the report is also meant to look forward as well. All too often Vestry Meetings can be about what has happened but there must also be an element of what we pray will happen. This year I asked all present to imagine that it was April 2015 not April 2014 and what we would like to see reported back on in next year’s Vestry meeting, what we had tried and where we had succeeded. Everyone wrote on a blue ‘sticky’ and listed below are the results.
1) More events in the church involving music and possibly children
2) Get more younger people attending church services
3) Sharing worship around the parish
4) Finding ways of reaching the newcomers to our community
5) Increase numbers though a wider variety of services and meetings.
6) Active involvement with a food bank programme
7) Helping those in need in our local area.
8) An increase in the numbers of families especially those whose children have been christened.
9) More younger people attending church as well as community church
10) Be in a more secure position with a flourishing congregation and new members.
11) Increased attendance, more baptisms and confirmations
12) Find and alternative use for some of the church buildings.
13) Making people in our community aware of the church and what goes on
14) Clarify the position of buildings
15) God has a meaning in this benefice to more people
16) Financial solvency and an increasing numbers by making changes.
17) A significant increase in church attendance
18) Encouragement to bring younger members into church
19) More young families to join our mainly elderly congregation
20) Do more to encourage families through informal events such as an Easter Egg Hunt.
21) Encourage children to attend through special services.
22) To increase the involvement of all members of the church in the various tasks that must be done.
23) To bring the churches together through joint social events (community Hymn singing)
24) To see all buildings still being used and to report that the 2nd Sunday has not seen a decline in attendance or income
25) More service or ‘get togethers’ away from the church environment
26) Joint church efforts to support youth and younger people in groups
27) Greater co-operation between churches in their outreach and interdenominational co-operation
28) A Five year strategic plan for people buildings and finance.
29) Unity (4 become 1)
30) Regular monthly contributions to the Mumbles Food bank
31) Worshipping together as a parish all 4 churches with people being willing to worship in whatever church is rotated for that week.

So…there you have it…this is what you want to do… let’s start praying about these things…pin this list someone…put it in your Bible….pray daily about these things and then let us all work together to make them happen.
Any further ideas, suggestions, or simple steps to make these happen then contact me at the Vicarage…message me…or come and see me.

Peter Brooks