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Cass & Fagner have been busy

Lotsa crafty fun in this document!


Easter Puppet Club Fun

I’ll put some fun things to do on here from time to time. First Easter. Two videos to watch


1. The story of Easter week and-

2. The story of Easter day. I did this film with some children at St Edmunds church Crickhowell long time ago – they  are all grown up now. But they did great job with the film It is stop- Go animations with plasticine puppets they made.

After that, there are some fun activities for you to do if your can grown up can download the documents.  These were made by Clare who works with children and families in our diocese (the bit of church in Wales we belong to).

After Easter and if you really want too I might do a magic trick or two Let me know 😉

God Bless

Rev Chris


  1. Watch the story of Easter at this link
  2.  Watch the animated film of Easter day!

Godly Play – Mystery that is Easter cymuned bach good friday colouring_sheets

cymuned bach good friday