Holy Matrimony


We like to help people celebrate one of the happiest and most important days of their lives. Marriages can be arranged in of the three churches subject to the requirements of the marriage act.

If you live outside of the parish and do not have a qualifying connection, there are ways to help you qualify .You are encouraged to speak to the priest, confiedentially  about this if you are not sure.

Previous marriage does not neccesarily mean you cannot re-marry in church.  This always depends on individual circumstances so please contact the priest to discuss your options.

Other services include Blessing of a ciivil marriage and renewal of wedding vows.

The church in Wales does not conduct same sex marriages.  This was confirmed a recent review. Nevertheless This parish welcomes all who wish to join us in our worship.

The Bench Bishops have issued a statement  following the recent review of the matter which ,together with suggested prayers for same sex  couples following a civil marriage,  can be found here:

Same sex marriage statement

Please contact the Priest if you wish to discuss your particular circumstances.