St Issui Patricio

patricio church

This remote and beautiful little church shows how greatly the ways in which its people worshipped God changed after the Protestant Reformation of the mid-16th century. Here, one of finest Catholic rood screens in Britain contrasts with austere Protestant texts from the Bible painted on the white-washed walls. It is named after St Issui, or Ishow, who is said to have been a holy man who lived as a hermit near the Holy Well (actually a shallow spring feeding a pool) beside the Nant Mair (St Mary’s stream).

The church has many friends across the world and has a sense of peace and Godly presence that calls people back. Many people of faith and  none become aware of a peace that passes all understanding. The church is open during the day.

Services are usually held on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month. We look forward to welcoming you.