HOme STUDY group

We have a Study Group, open to anyone who would like to attend, that meets in different member’s homes during the spring, summer and autumn / winter ‘terms’.  We read and discuss study group material with the aim of sharing and building our Christian faith, in particular what this means in practically in our daily lives.

During Summer 2019, we have an enjoyable and thought-provoking subject – ‘Summer in Six Objects’.  Based on the book ‘Lent in 46 Objects’, this short course takes six ordinary objects from around the home and uses them as a basis for bible study and discussion.  The objects range from shoes to showers, from keys to curtains; they help us to appreciate all we have and to see how – even using everyday objects – we can go beyond what surrounds our lives and to glimpse the amazing riches of God’s Kingdom.

If you haven’t been to a church study group before, do give this a try! 

We will meet on four Thursdays at 7pm ( 20 June, 4 July, 18 July & 1 August ).  20 June and 18 July at the Bramley’s, Weatheroak, Llanhamlach; 4 July at the Keene’s, Llanfallte, Bwlch; 1 August at Llangasty Retreat House.  Please phone Kelvin or Liz (see Contact page) for any further details.