HOme STUDY group

We have a Study Group, open to anyone who would like to attend, that meets in different member’s homes during the spring, summer and autumn / winter ‘terms’ from 7.00 to 9.00pm.  We read and discuss study group material with the aim of sharing and building our Christian faith, in particular what this means in practice in our daily lives.

To start our Autumn ‘term’ after the summer break, we will be meeting on Thursday 10 October at 7.00pm at Liz and Mervyn Bramley’s home at Weatheroak, Llanhamlach for a meal followed by a short introduction to our Autumn course.

After this, we’ll be following the 4-session course on ‘Who are we praying to?‘ on 24 October, 7 November, 21 November and 5 December.  This interesting York Course is written by David Wilkinson (Principal, St John’s College, Durham) and looks into the questions ‘why for I pray?’ and ‘to whom am I praying?’.  Click here to see more about the course.

You can also phone Kelvin or Liz (see Contact page) to find out more about the Study Group.