STUDY group

This Lent, starting on Wednesday 9th March, we are running a weekly Lent course exploring the themes of love and sacrifice.  It will be held at Llanhamlach Church at 7.00pm on the 6 Wednesdays from 9th March through to 13th April.  The themes will be taken from the classic 1942 film ‘Casablanca’.

The first session, March 9th, will be an introduction to the course with a full screening of the film.  Each of the following sessions will focus on key extracts from the film with discussion on particular aspects of love and sacrifice demonstrated in that part of the film. We hope you will consider coming along!

The Study Group courses are open to anyone who would like to attend meeting.   We discuss study group material with the aim of sharing and building our Christian faith, in particular what this means in practice in our daily lives.  This is very much for everyone.  You certainly don’t need to have studied the Bible already.

You can phone Kelvin or Liz (see Contact page) to attend or find out more if you wish.