St Tetti, Llandetty

The church from the south west

The area

The church is situated on the South bank of the River Usk halfway between the villages of Llangynidr and Talybont-on-Usk. The churchyard lies between the main road and the River Usk which forms its northern boundary. There are few churches so favoured in charm or situation, especially in the spring when the churchyard is a blaze with daffodils, bluebells and primroses.

The church

The church was founded around 500 AD and is dedicated to St Tetta, Abbess of Wimborne. It was fully restored in 1878.  Special features include a large wall painting representing the Royal Coat of Arms and dated by the Heraldry as between 1714 and 1800; this was painted to celebrate the restoration of the monarchy and the resumption of divine worship in the church.

One of the most interesting and outstanding antiquities in the church is the inscribed stone now standing in the recess of the priest’s door on the south side of the chancel. The Llanddetty Stone is a pillar of old red sandstone and is inscribed on all 4 sides; it is difficult to date accurately but is believed to be 9th century.  The churchyard is notable as being the resting place of over 300 ex-servicemen from World War 1, World War 2, the Korean War and lesser wars. They all died of their war wounds at nearby Buckland Hall (which had a period as a military hospital and later a British Legion home – Crosfield House).

Unfortunately the church has to be locked for security due to past thefts. More recently, part of the Llandetty Stone was stolen but has now been retrieved and is back in its rightful place.  Since the Covid pandemic, the church has also been closed for services.

For further information on the church building, click here for the Brecknockshire Churches Survey page.

Getting in touch

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