St Peter’s, LLanbedr Painscastle


St Peter’s church at  Llanbedr Painscastle is contained within a large churchyard. The church is a relatively simple structure, much of it of medieval date though the nave has been partially rebuilt. Internal fittings surviving from the Middle Ages are the font and a stoup in the porch.

 The nave is thought to be 14thC, but the west wall, the upper part of north wall and perhaps some of south wall are rebuilt and the diagnostic windows in the north wall are set in a matrix of 19thC masonry. Chancel is attributed to 15thC and retains most if not all of its medieval masonry, though the windows have seen varying levels of renewal; the east wall of the nave demolished when the chancel was built and its successor is aligned with the chancel rather than the nave.

(Thanks to Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust)

Who was St Peter?